Our multifunctional cover is our perfect practical and trendy accessory for the modern mom.

 Used with your baby seat, it will help your baby to remain cozy while reducing the external stimuli; as a result, falling asleep faster. Your infant will also be less exposed to everyone’s hands (full of bacteria)!

 When it will be time to feed your infant, the cover can also be conveniently used as a shawl while breastfeeding. This will allow a discreet breastfeeding experience.

 The cover can also be used to protect the seesaw (exterior or personal) or also to cover the shopping cart when you do your grocery. This way, the cover is used to minimize the germs that might reach baby!


Product functionality 



-Grocery cart cover

-Swing cover

-Blanket for burps

Product features :




- Natural fiber grown without pesticides or chemical products

-Perfect for sensitive skin problems

- All our suppliers are chosen according to their desire to have an ecological impact

Interesting fact:

Aeration hole located in a strategic position to create a “chimney effect “ that pushes warm air upward and allows it to be expelled through the opening to prevent the temperature from rising too much inside the car seat.

The pocket at the front allowing to store pacifiers ,cellphones or sunglasses

100% made in Quebec

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CACTUS 5 in 1

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